Invited speakers for this event are as follows:

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Optical and matter vortices and interactions
  • Professor Mohamed Babiker, University of York, UK

Topological shaping of light by structured thin metal films
  • Dr Etienne Brasselet, University of Bordeaux, France

Five momenta
Transverse spin and momentum in evanescent waves
  • Dr Konstantin Bliokh, Advanced Science Institute, RIKEN, Japan

Optical activity and optical angular momentum
  • Mr Robert Cameron, Strathclyde University, UK

Singular phase structure of nanoantenna system
  • Mr Matthew Coles, University of East Anglia, UK

  • Dr Mark Dennis, University of Bristol, UK

Structured light fields based on spiral beams - promoting photonic lattices and optical micromanipulation

What is spin to orbit angular momentum transfer?
Real-time imaging of quantum entanglement
Controlling the handedness of laser resonators
Playing with quantum states, playing with dimensions
Singularimetry and topological aberrations
  • Dr Jörg Götte, Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Germany

Quantitative spiral phase contrast imaging in a stimulated emission depletion microscope
  • Assistant Professor Marc Guillon, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France

Chiral electgromagnetic fields
  • Professor Euan Hendry, University of Exeter, UK

Quantum nature of radial degree of freedom of paraxial waves
  • Professor Ebrahim Karimi, University of Ottawa, Canada

The duality relationship in the presence of post-selection
  • Dr Jonathan Leach, Heriot Watt University, UK

Twisted light in nanostructures
  • Dr Natalia Litchinitser, The State University of New York, USA

'Twisted' photon entanglement
  • Dr Wolfgang Löffler, Leiden University, Netherlands

Visualizing quantum state rotations through weak measurements of orbital angular momentum

Spiral photolithography of azopolymers
  • Professor Lorenzo Marrucci, University of Naples, Italy

Manipulation and detection of OAM in electron vortex beams

Vector beams

Analogies between wave optics and quantum mechanics
  • Professor Dr Gerard Nienhuis, Leiden University, Netherland

More twists on optical twisters: of helico-conical beams, superpositions and combinationss
  • Associate Professor Darwin Z. Palima

Storage and non-collinear retrieval of orbital angular momentum of light in cold atoms
  • Dr Laurence Pruvost, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France

High density atom traps using holographically shaped beams

Using OAM light for optical imaging
Dimensionality in orbital angular momentum entanglement
Vortex beams and angular momentum of light
Peculiar rotation of electron vortices in magnetic fields
Complete experimental toolbox for alignment-free quantum communication
  • Dr Fabio Sciarrino, University of Rome, Italy

Imprinting Skyrmion spin textures in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates
  • Professor Yong-il Shin, Seoul National University, South Korea

Radio applications of OAM states
  • Dr Fabrizio Tamburini, University of Padova, Italy

The physics of conserved quantities in classical electrodynamics
  • Professor Bo Thide, Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Sweden

Integrated vortex beam emitters

Playing with quantum states, playing with dimensions
  • Professor Juan Torres, Institute of Photonics Sciences, Spain

Experimental instability of higher-order optical vortices
  • Dr Martin van Exter, Leiden University, Netherlands

Generation and detection of OAM in electron beams

On the generation and analysis of wave vortices
Biphoton optical vortices
  • Professor Stephen Walborn, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil