Prof. Cornelia Denz received her PhD from Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany in 1992, and received the Lise Meitner-Award in the same year. In 1999, she obtained the Adolf-Messer-Award for her work in optical neural networks and nonlinear dynamic phase contrast microscopy, respectively. 
Since 2001, she is a professor for applied physics and nonlinear photonics at Münster University, Germany, leading a group of about 25. She is head of the Institute of Applied Physics and Vice Rector for International Affairs and Young Researchers. She is an author of more than 150 publications and of three books. Cornelia Denz' main research interests are on the application of nonlinear optics and photonics in information technology and life sciences.
Other interests include complex structured light fields, optical solitons and vortices, nonlinear photonic lattices, femtosecond laser lithography, ultrafast nonlinear optics, optical tweezers, and novel organic photonic materials.  Cornelia Denz is a fellow of the OSA and the EOS. She is a board member of the DGaO, the German branch of the European Optical Society and of the EOS. She is Editor of Physik Journal, and a member of the Editorial Boards of Advanced Optical Materials, Annalen der Physik, Journal of Optics, Optofluidics, and of the Journal of the European Optical Society, JEOS.